Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I (don't) Miss

My dearest friend Becca, whose blog is found here, has been doing a mini-series about things she misses about home. I'm copying her.

Things I Miss

1. Target

We do have Walmart here, but it's not the same. I grew up in the metro area that houses the Target headquarters. I have my loyalties.

2. Izzy and Wedge

Pictured at right. Izzy is the poodle, Wedge is the fat cat. They are guarding my brother, Sam, as he recovers from an appendectomy.

I haven't so much as seen a cat since I've been here, and the only dog is a guide dog, so I can only pet him on occasion. I am starved for furry companions, and I am very excited to be back with these critters for the summer.

Since he's featured in the picture, I suppose I can admit that I miss my brother, too. And my sister, even though she isn't pictured.

3. Free printing

Actually, the entire Mikkelsen library. The CBU library isn't a total bust, but the printing is expensive, and the book collection is limited. Also, the study rooms aren't as nice, and the study tables are usually housed in dark corners. I miss the sun-washed great room of Mikk.

Things I Don't Miss

1. Communal bathrooms

At Augie, I shared toilets and showers with 30-odd girls. Here, I share with one. What's not to like?

2. Friday classes

I have a three-day weekend. If my Thursday class gets cancelled, I have a four-day weekend. One extra day to do homework and dedicate myself to my studies... and by that, I mean goof around with friends and watch movies.

3. American attitude

In the states, we believe that we are better. There is this undercurrent of superiority in everything that we do. You don't find that here.

People here are more accepting. Yeah, sure, they give me crap for being American, but they don't truly look down on anyone. And I love it.

Looking back, my priorities are very clear. I wrote the most about my dog and cat.

Keep reading! Pictures tomorrow from Devon's birthday!



  1. I love the picture of your animals, it makes me miss mine even more. Also I hadn't even thought about free printing. I really do miss that one.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss of target. We have targets in Melbourne... Canada needs to step it up.